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Comfortably protected with safety - the revolutionary optrel swiss air blower breath protection system

The basic human instinct is to breathe. And we expect the air to be pure and clean. However, we are increasingly questioning the quality of the air. The fear of viruses, for example, accompanies people in their everyday lives. And according to international bodies and the World Health Organisation, parallels are increasingly being drawn between poor air quality and health impairments.

The company optrel -the Swiss manufacturer of respiratory protection systems used mainly in industry- is actively addressing the resulting challenge. Awareness must be activated and the standard that everyone sets for themselves must be raised rapidly, especially in the metalworking industry.
Welcome to the Swiss Alps. Welcome to optrel swiss air.
Slim, ergonomic, light as a feather. This is how the swiss air presents itself at first glance. A second glance reveals its technological leadership. 
The core element of this solution is a ventilated half mask that completely covers the mouth and nose area and constantly supplies it with purified air (to TH3 standard). A breathing space is created in the mouth and nose area which, thanks to positive pressure, supports the user in breathing and eliminates tiring breathing resistance. 
In this way, the user is permanently in a "positive pressure air system" which permanently protects his respiratory tract against polluted air. The half mask, made of high-tech fabric, is designed in such a way that it can be excellently adapted to the individual thanks to a freely adjustable headband. This concept eliminates the need for time-consuming fit tests that are common with conventional half masks. 
The clean air is supplied through the Y-hose by a miniaturized blower system, which is comfortably carried by the carrying unit on the back. The filter unit is 45mm narrow and weighs just 550g - a new record that results in significant reduction of neck and back pain.
The intelligent control unit completes the system.
State-of-the-art technology in science, materials and ergonomics. A better working day for every user; with better air and longer breath, actively leading to greater efficiency and, in the end, cash for every company. Swiss air is as versatile in its application as the tasks idn er industry, trade, construction, medicine and agriculture: with all head parts and helmets individually expandable. 

Always keeping the customer in mind, optrel strives to combine new technology with current and acute customer needs. As usual, the brand value always remains recognizable and stands for quality - swiss made. However, optrel goes one step further.
Trees are certainly the best suppliers of fresh air on our planet. For the sale of every single optrel swiss air respiratory protection system, optrel therefore plants a tree as part of a global reforestation project, which more than compensates for the swiss air's carbon footprint. Because fresh air is important for all of us.

Now available globally at all certified optrel dealers.