optrel medmaxx as COVID-19 protection in Burkina Faso

Another cooperation with the relief organization Light for the World is a given.

The cooperation with Light for the World goes into the next round.
To push the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic, optrel decided to send medmaxx Faceshields to Burkina Faso.
Under the direction of Light for the World, these were distributed to hospitals and clinics. 

The medmaxx were used by Dr. Paté Sankara, Head of the National Centre for the Fight against Blindness. He expressed his gratitude with the following statement:

"Long-lasting devices are needed because the ophthalmologist is always only 10-15 cm away from the patient's face during examinations. The optrel medmaxx helps to establish effective barrier measures.
Considering the new contaminations recently recorded in Burkina Faso, the protective masks received should ensure the protection of the nursing staff and the patients. For such purposes we welcome the donation of the masks.
Thank you to Light for the World and its partners for this great initiative, which is part of the government's response plan against Covid 19."

Even small funds can go a long way in helping affected developing areas.

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