A successfull project comes to an end

optrel teamed up with welders all over the world to save 3000 eyesights.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful conclusion of the initiative "optrel donates light for the world"  The initiative started with the vision of bringing light back into the lives of 3,000 blind people by enabling them to have cataract eye surgery.Seeing again means for these people- No longer to be excluded from society and to be able to participate actively in life- Being able to go back to school- Being able to take care of yourself and others In order to make this possible, a limited special edition series of the optrel panoramaxx welding helmet, increased to 200pcs, was launched with the aim of making the entire sales proceeds available for eye operations. With the sale of the 200th welding helmet the vision became reality and in October optrel was able to successfully complete the heart project with the handing over of the cheque to Licht für die Welt Organisation. Optrel would like to thank all proud owners of a Light for the world welding helmet for their support in this valuable and important project. In addition to direct help to those affected, optrel wants to demonstrate with this campaign that it is already possible to achieve great things with small means. We would be delighted if other people and companies would follow our example and make an important contribution to the fight against cataracts.