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Position Locker

The new two-position closure function for a secure open or closed helmet. Now standard on all optrel panoramaxx Series welding helmets and the IsoFit® headgear.

Gases - the invisible danger

A1B1E1 gas filter for maximum safety

The A1B1E1 filter protects the user from organic, inorganic and acidic gases and vapours. This optional filter makes the e3000X the perfect companion for any welder who has to work in heavily polluted, smelly or even toxic environments.


Get your optrel filter guide to the different filter types here


Further information and technical data can be found in the product brochure (PDF)

Simply safer:
working with PAPR system from optrel


  • Integrated particle filters of the highest class (TH3)
  • Reliable protection against smoke, aerosol and dust


more about optrel respiratory protection

softhood series

Fresh Air for Dusty Environments.


The optrel respiratory protection softhood is based on the principle of overpressure relative to the environment and prevents contaminated air from entering the respiratory tract. It protects against dust and spray mist during various non-toxic operations and is optimal for use in manufacturing, woodworking, food and pharmaceutical production, mining or agriculture.

The softhood protective hoods from optrel.


The optrel softhood is available in both a short and a long version. The short softhood is ideal when the focus is on acoustic perception, while the long version additionally covers the entire neck and shoulder area in case of increased dust exposure.

Perfect in combination


Both versions are used with optrel’s respiratory protection systems, depending on the application: the optrel e3000X blower respiratory protection system or the optrel suppliedair compressed air system.

More about optrel respiratory protection


Made of ultra-lightweight nylon fabric, the headgear fits quickly and easily to all head sizes thanks to the comfortable elastic band. This makes it very comfortable to wear even over long periods of time. Its wide panoramic visor with anti-fog coating ensures an unrestricted view of the work at all times.

  • Superior, ultra-lightweight respiratory protection

  • Versatile, even in toxic environments thanks to optional A1B1E1 gas filter

  • Wide visor with anti-fog coating

  • Individual headgear customization (adjustable circumference and distance from the visor)

  • Comfortable to wear thanks to generous cut and lightweight, durable material

  • No masks Fit test required

  • Can be used with facial hair or beards

Protection for painting work


In addition to particles, organic gases and vapors also emerge during paintwork. Therefore, the painter should use masks with a high protection level and filters for organic gases and vapors. The softhood in combination with the e3000X offers just that: Protection level TH3 and an A1B1E1 gas filter.

In addition to respiratory protection, the optrel softhood also provides head, face and eye protection. With the long softhood version, even the shoulder area is spared from the spray mist.

Under the protective hood, a breathing space is created that helps you breathe thanks to positive pressure and eliminates tiring breathing resistance.

Wood working


During wood processing, fine wood dust can enter the sinuses or lungs, irritate the respiratory tract and cause allergies. optrel softhoods not only protect your airways, but also your eyes, as the hoods are worn over the entire head.

Together with the e3000X, the respiratory protection system also filters out elements such as tannic acids, unsaturated aldehydes or molds, which also pose a health risk during wood processing. Thanks to the additionally available A1B1E1 gas filter, secondary substances such as varnishes, stains or paints are simply filtered out.

Agriculture, viticulture and fruit farming


The optrel softhood provides protection not only during mixing, but especially during application of pesticides. It protects not only the respiratory tract (with A1B1E1 filter) but also the eyes and face from the spray mist. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear all day.

Suitable respiratory protection is essential, especially when handling pesticides. The softhood protects against hazards that can be caused by disinfectants, solvents and pesticides.

Demolition and building works


During demolition and renovation works, substances that are harmful to the respiratory tract may be released. It is not always known which insulation and damping materials have been used. The optrel softhood provides all-around respiratory protection that also protects the eyes and face from the fine dust. In combination with the e3000X, no matter how much dust there is, you will always be supplied with fresh air. The slight positive pressure supports breathing and eliminates tiring breathing resistance.

Simply safer:
working with PAPR system from optrel


  • Integrated particle filters of the highest class (TH3)
  • Reliable protection against smoke, aerosol and dust


more about optrel respiratory protection

Simply safer:
working with PAPR system from optrel


  • Integrated particle filters of the highest class (TH3)
  • Reliable protection against smoke, aerosol and dust


more about optrel respiratory protection

Simply safer:
working with PAPR system from optrel


  • Integrated particle filters of the highest class (TH3)
  • Reliable protection against smoke, aerosol and dust


more about optrel respiratory protection

Simply safer:
working with PAPR system from optrel


  • Integrated particle filters of the highest class (TH3)
  • Reliable protection against smoke, aerosol and dust


more about optrel respiratory protection

Simply safer:
working with PAPR system from optrel


  • Integrated particle filters of the highest class (TH3)
  • Reliable protection against smoke, aerosol and dust


more about optrel respiratory protection

Simply safer:
working with PAPR system from optrel


  • Integrated particle filters of the highest class (TH3)
  • Reliable protection against smoke, aerosol and dust


more about optrel respiratory protection

Fresh ex works

Always enough fresh air, less fatigue. Thanks to breath-supporting technology and the ultra-flat and lightweight backpack principle. 

3 air flow levels
100 - 130 l/min
Infinitely adjustable

positive pressure principle

No masks
Fit test

  • Ventilated half mask made of flame-retardant material covers mouth and nose area completely. Positive pressure supports breathing and avoids fatigue.
  • Infinitely adjustable headband for all sizes from XS to XL.
  • Y-hose with adjustable neck strap and flexible hose elements guides the air directly into the half mask.
  • Shoulder harness for ergonomically perfect weight distribution of the super-light filter system (only 550 g).
  • Powerful TH3 filter unit with innovative, ultra-flat design. Lightweight and comfortable to carry, highly efficient in use.
  • Blower unit with automatic air flow calibration and 14h high performance battery for an uninterrupted working day.

Your personal
declaration of independence

The optrel swiss air half-mask gives you all the freedom you need.

Whatever you have in mind.
Flexible and completely independent
of the helmet system used.

Always with you.
For all
your tasks.

The optrel swiss air respiratory protection system is independent of the helmet or other equipment used and is therefore the most versatile optrel respiratory protection system available.

It can also be used with a construction/industrial helmet, weldCap® or without a helmet at all.

Efficiency taken
to the edge

Breathing protection
of the highest class:

infinitely variable
air flow

14 hours of battery power,
also for a long time
work assignments

It's up
to you


From the central control panel, securely positioned on the chest section of the shoulder strap, you always have all functions under control:

  • Overview of filter contamination and battery charge status
  • Stepless air flow control and on/off switch
  • Altitude and temperature compensation

altitude and
temperature compensation

Because every
millimetre counts

It won't let you down when things
get tight. With a thickness of only 48 mm
and ergonomically adapted to the back,
you can get through even
the smallest openings.

We also support competitors

Trees are definitely the best suppliers of fresh air on our planet.
For the sale of every single optrel swiss air respiratory protection system,
optrel therefore plants a tree as part of a global reforestation project,
which will compensate for the swiss air's carbon footprint.

Because fresh air is important for all of us.

Your benefits with an optrel swiss air PAPR system


  • Permanent protection of the respiratory tract and lungs against pollutants in the air, regardless of the current activity in the working day. This prevents the development of respiratory and lung diseases.


  • Reduction of pain in the neck and back due to a significant reduction in the weight of head, face and eye protection systems. Heavy combination helmets are no longer necessary.


  • Increase the performance of users thanks to positive pressure system, which supports breathing and does not cause any breathing resistance.

Cost savings

  • Lowering investment costs due to the elimination of costly fitting tests (no fit test).
  • Reduction of running costs due to massive saving of paper masks as well as their disposal.

Security of supply

  • Thanks to a reusable half-mask system, supply is guaranteed at all times, even in the event of a shortage in times of crisis


  • swiss air can be used completely self-sufficient, which allows maximum versatility in combination with the appropriate manufacturer-independent occupational health and safety.

Universal applications

  • swiss air is as versatile in application as the tasks in industry, trade, construction, medicine or agriculture.


  • By planting a tree for each swiss air system sold, optrel compensates more than just the climate footprint of the respective system.


Best breathing air. Any place.

The perfect fresh air supply for working in critical environments.

Always the best breathing air


When working in toxic environments, in closed rooms or in extremely cramped situations, such as in boiler or vessel construction, a sufficient supply of clean fresh air is essential. The optrel suppliedair system forms the interface between the compressed air- carrying case air vessel and the fresh air helmet. It ensures a sufficient and regulated supply of fresh air and warns you with its integrated alarm of deviations in the target air volume.

* Suitable for all optrel PAPR helmets

Comfort Belt


An individually adjustable belt with quick-release fastener ensures a comfortable fit and ideal support of the system on the body.

Air Filter


An additional air filter provides the user maximum with safety. It prevents the penetration of foreign bodies and impurities into the clean compressed air and thus into the fresh air helmet.

Great Connectivity


Two different connection nipples are available for connection to all common compressed air systems.

Fresh air - where you need it

optrel consistently avoids any air turbulence inside the helmet that could irritate your eyes. The purified air is led directly to your mouth and nose in an internal air flow channel. After all, this is the only place we need this valuable breathing air. We have also thought of a pleasant cooling. In the forehead area a continuously adjustable air outlet offers you the option to let up to 20% of the air flow onto your forehead. Pleasantly soft! No more eye irritation!

optrel e3000X PAPR system is compatible with the following optrel helmets:

Product Overview

panoramaxx clt

Automatic welding helmet
Shade Levels 2.0/4<12M
Crystal Lens Technology

panoramaxx quattro

Automatic welding helmet
Shade Levels 3.0/4<13M
EN 379 1/1/1/1


Automatic Welding Helmet
Shade Level 2.5/5<12M
Light State 2.5


Automatic Welding Helmet
Shade Levels 2.0/4-12
Crystal Lens Technology


Automatic Welding Helmet
Shade Level 4/5<13M
EN 379 1/1/1/1


Automatic Welding Helmet
Shade Levels 2.5/8-12
Manual Shade Level Adjustment
Light State 2.5

liteflip autopilot

Automatic Welding Helmet
Shade Level 1/4/5<14M


Grinding Helmet
Clear View.
Clear Air.

X-tended Application Possibilities

The new optrel e3000x reliably protects you from particles such as smoke, aerosols and dust. In addition, the mountainbreeze Odor/Ozon Filter protects you from unpleasant odours and harmful ozone. In environments with harmful or even toxic gases, the A1B1E1 gas filter reliably protects you from organic, inorganic and acid gases. The new e3000x easily adapts to your needs.

X-tended Productivity

As soon as the filter in the respective air flow level is saturated, you receive an acoustic alarm and the new e3000X‘s intelligent alarm function switches fully automatically to the next lowest air flow stag – without you having to interrupt the work process.

X-tended Performance

Efficiency is achieving as much air output as possible with as little energy as possible. We have managed to double the efficiency of the new e3000X by combining a performance-optimized design with the latest battery cell technology.

With up to 18 hours of battery life and 240 litres of air per minute available at the touch of a button, the new e3000X is the perfect choice for the most powerful ventilated breathing protection system available on the market.

X-tended Safety

A hard working day is imminent and you need to know where you stand. The new e3000X shows you the battery charge level at the touch of a button and calibrates the air flow automatically. So you can get through the day safely.



optrel  IsoFit®


The revolutionary headgear for maximum individual comfort – just fits perfectly!


As standard with ever optrel panoramaxx Series welding helmet.



Closer. Further ahead.

A nose cutout changes everything.

Without a doubt, the nose is one of our most important organs and takes our senses into the fifth dimension. But when it comes to enlarging the welder's field of vision by positioning the anti-glare display, ergonomically optimal, closer to the eye, the nose gets in our way.

So we threw all conventions overboard and dared the technological chin-up to give the display a nose cutout. The result is impressive. More than 600% enlargement of the field of view without increasing the weight and shape of the welding helmet. The practical additional benefit is, due to the clear separation from the mouth area, you no longer breathe on the display and thus prevent the anti-glare window from tarnishing.

Our pragmatic approach is so new and innovative that several patents have been granted for it - and guarantees its uniqueness.

The optrel panoramaxx as a personal assistance system.

Complete equipment as standard.

In addition to the large field of vision and crystal-clear optics, which form an actual assistance system, all members of the panoramaxx series are equipped with the latest digital electronics. The patented Shadetronic and Fadetronic technologies in combination with the 5-point sensor system and the re-charge energy concept are the core elements.

They enable welders to focus on their work and allow them to work without interruption. This results in quality and efficiency. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the perfectly fitting optrel lsoFit® headband, the panoramaxx is light as a feather and fatigue-free. All panoramaxx welding helmets are highly robust at the lowest weight and protect users against external mechanical impacts such as high speed particles which hit the helmet at up to 120 m/s. And thanks to grinding mode, which can be easily operated externally, and the incomparable appearance, even grinding work is more fun.


The patented optrel ShadeTronic® technology automatically adjusts the protection level to the changing light conditions of the welding arc. This allows welders to work without interruption.

A sophisticated Shadetronic sensor continuously measures the light intensity of the welding arc and regulates the glare protection progressively from SN 4 to a maximum of SN 13 fully automatically.


With the patented optrel Fadetronic technology, the opening of the anti-glare display can be continuously adjusted after welding. The unpleasant afterglow is faded out – especially for high ampere applications. Eye fatigue is significantly reduced thanks to the display opening smoothly and being adapted to the eye.


The unique and environmentally-friendly optrel re-charge energy concept ensures that welding helmets always have enough energy. Thanks to the latest solar technology, a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery is recharged either by the welding light or by the ambient light. In addition, the battery can also be charged directly with any USB charger via a micro-USB interface. The tiresome changing of batteries is no longer necessary and the environment is protected.

5-point Detection

The optrel 5-point detection integrated in the panoramaxx series is an intelligent sensor control with five sensors. Sophisticated software and clever positioning of four sensors at the corners and one sensor in the upper centre ensures the glare shield is switched on and off perfectly, even in the most difficult lighting conditions and in constrained positions, as well as permanent dark level adjustment (Shadetronic®, patented) during welding.

Grinding mode

Like most optrel welding helmets, the products in the panoramaxx series have a grinding mode. It can be conveniently operated externally by means of a robust and well-protected pressure switch. Once activated, the anti-glare display remains deactivated, which guarantees trouble-free grinding work. At the touch of another button, the glare shield is then immediately ready for welding work. Your optrel welding helmet becomes a true multifunctional work safety device.

Very big cinema. You decide on the movie.

Luke D., 23 years old

„After completing my apprenticeship as a metalworker, I have decided I want to work with professional equipment. I simply love the versatility of my job. Welding, grinding, straightening. The panoramaxx2.5 is as versatile as my field of activity. The sublime field of vision helps me to master the various tasks easily and safely.“

Watch the optrel panoramaxx series video



Welcome to the top league. The panoramaxx2.5 combines the enormous field of vision with optrel's well-known 2.5 technology and offers excellent visibility in every working situation – whether for welding, cutting, grinding or straightening work. Whatever you want, the optrel panoramaxx2.5 automatically follows your versatile field of activity.

One helmet. Four top marks.

Alex S., 49 years old

„I weld complex structures in steel construction. Given that the heavy components cannot be moved, I have to weld a lot in constrained positions. Then in these positions, I always had uneven brightness levels in the corners of the ADF. These differences are completely gone in the new quattro. And thanks to the large field of vision, I can move safely through the structures and work without interruption. The panoramaxx quattro gets right to the point.“

Watch the optrel panoramaxx series video



The panoramaxx quattro was developed for use in heavy metal construction, where work is often carried out with a lot of energy and in a wide variety of welding positions. Especially in constrained positions, there is no straight view of the welding point. Perfect viewing angle dependence, confirmed by the best test mark of 1 according to the EN 379 standard, guarantees that panoramaxx quattro welders always have the best view of the welding process without manual adjustment of the protection level. This results in uninterrupted and fatigue-free working and improved performance.

Crystal clear view of the welding pool.

Karl-Friedrich, 46 years

„I weld safety-related components made of stainless steel using the TIG process. Every weld needs to fit right away, otherwise it will be very expensive. Control over the weld pool and the uncompromising clear view of the colour gradient is absolutely crucial for me. That's why I decided on the panoramaxx clt.“

Watch the optrel panoramaxx series video



The world famous Crystal Lens Technology 2.0 is now also available in the panoramaxx clt version. optrel engineers have thus once again pushed the limits of what is possible to a new level.

Anyone who has ever welded with CLT technology will barely be able to believe their eyes.

The colour perception in the light state comes very close to the view through the clear window glass and in the dark state you get a detailed and high-contract view of the welding pool in a clarity never seen before. Unlock your true potential – with the panoramaxx clt.


Best view from all positions.



You won’t believe your eyes..



As versatile as you.


weldCap® Series

Welding never was so comfortable.



bright. brighter. vegaview.


liteflip autopilot

The first Flip-up with Autopilot.





Experience the Difference.



new design. efficient performance. optimal price.



The new league for fresh air and breathing protection

X-tend your possibilities.

  • Highest safety class (TH3) respiratory protection
  • Protects reliably from smoke, aerosols, and dust
  • Now available with A1B1E1 gas filter
  • Integrated, automatic air flow control and calibration
  • Expendable with mountain breeze odor filter

The best breathing protection class – TH3

During arc welding, grinding and many other dust-intensive activities, your airways are always exposed to harmful smoke, dust and often toxic gases. Wearing a personal breathing protection system is therefore essential – no matter how well ventilated your working environment may be.

That‘s why the new e3000X offers you a highly modular breathing protection solution that you can adapt to your protection needs in seconds.

99.8% cleaned air. Perfect protection.

Compared to the widely available TH2 systems, TH3-certified breathing protection systems filter 10 times more dirt out of the air, or in other words: 99.8% of the harmful particles are filtered out of the air.

Reliable Protection against Smoke, Aerosols, and Dust.

The new e3000X PAPR System.

optrel products offer highest quality and performance levels to protect welders and grinders.

With the new e3000X PAPR system you complement your optrel PAPR mask with a protection for your respiratory system, which makes no compromises in matters of safety, health and comfort.

Organised energy management for your company

e3000X multibaycharger

Continuous workflow – up to zu 6 batteries charged simultaneously

Organised energy management – always the perfect overview

No more cable clutter

Smart construction for standing and wall mounting

LED display for each battery

Compatible with all batteries of the e3000 / e3000X Series


Further information and technical data can be found in the product brochure (PDF)


You won’t believe your eyes.

True colour vision –
directly when welding.

For the first time in the history of welding you as a welder see the joining process as it actually takes place. How the weld pool melts, how the weld seam is created. You can see how the filler material is immersed in the welding pool and gain complete control over your work.

CLT offers you brilliant vision, like through a window pane. Crystal clear. And thanks to optrel Autopilot always with the right protection level.

True color means not the same as true color

As far as always the distinction can be seen upon taking a closer look. With the crystal lens technology you will recognize the difference immediately when putting it on.

The color perception in light state is almost like looking through clear window glass and in dark mode you enjoy a detailled and high-contrast view of the welding pool with a never-seen-before clearness.


More comfort! More air! Better view!


Welcome to the comfort zone.

optrel clearmaxx – things are clear!


Unlimited clear view of your workspace, filtered and clear air with adjustable air distribution make the clearmaxx the unique face and respiratory protection system with the highest safety level.

Adjustable air distribution:

A rotary switch can be used to feed 20% of the air cooling the forehead area. Direct air draft crossing the eyes leading to dry eyes is avoided by the air distribution system.

Multi function system

Combining it with the optrel e3000 PAPR system with mountain breeze filter the clearmaxx becomes the perfect buddy on countless types of work. The easy-to-change DIN5 front cover lens expands the system to the perfect protector for efficient plasma cutting.

Wearing comfort

Thanks to a minimized weight of only 330 g (PAPR version: 495 g) and an ergonomic fit the clearmaxx sets new benchmarks in wearing comfort.

Always a great view when protecting your face.

Ideal for

  • grinding
  • metal industry
  • landfills
  • agriculture
  • food industry
  • wood working

So wide. So light. So true color.

You’ve never seen welding this way before.

With panoramaxx optrel introduces a never seen before world of viewing to the welder. The nose cut-out brings the ADF closer to your eyes. As with eyeglasses, the ADF‘s frame becomes almost invisible to the welder, increasing the field of view by more than 6 times. Nevertheless, the panoramaxx is a real lightweight at only 550 g.

Panorama field of vision

The panoramaxx offers a 6 times larger field of vision than standard welding helmets – and is still a lightweight at only 550 g.


True color view

A specially developed UV/IR filter allows the realistic color perception typical of optrel, bringing color to the welder’s world.


Detection of the arc brightness and fully automated shade level adjustment from 5 to 12.


* If preferred, the Autopilot can be deactivated for manual shade level selection.

State-of-the-Art power technology

With its rechargeable power-pack, changing batteries is no longer necessary.


Multi-Sensor Detection

The completely redesigned controls of the 5-sensor array ensure the perfect regulation of the auto-darkening filter.

The Fully Automatic Machine in Ultra-HD Quality.

True Color View

A special UV-/IR-Filter developed by optrel enables the typical real color view of the optrel ADF and brings colors into the world of the welder.


4 Times Highest Class

The optrel e684 ADF proofs the highest level of image quality in all 4 classifications:

  • Optical Class: Class 1
  • Scattered Light: Class 1
  • Homogenity: Class 1
  • Angular dependence: Class 1


Especially the extremely good angular dependence proofs the quality of the optrel ADF and makes working with the optrel e684 so comfortable. 

Left side: The normal view of the welder – green environment with low contrasts.

Right side: The optrel revolution – finally a real color view during the welding process.

The adaptive shade level adjustment puts on the optimum shade level fully automatically in between the range of 5 to 13.

This is done by an additional brightness sensor, measuring the intensity of the welding arc.
You are always perfectly protected, whatever welding parameters you are using.
Manual adjustment isn’t necessary, but sure also possible at the tip of your finger.

* The autopilot can be shut off on demand and the shade level can be adjusted manually if favorded.

Shade Level: automatical.
Colors: natural.
Comfort: all inclusive.

Perfect View at Welding process – Only from optrel:

  • Fully-automated Adjustment of the Shade Level to every Welding Application in between Shade Level Range 5 to 13.
  • True Color View in all Shade Level Range.
  • Ultra-HD Quality at Optical Classes 1/1/1/1



Eye protection for Grinders.

  • Perfecteye and face protection
  • 180° panoramic view
  • Ultra-clear view from the eye protection specialists of optrel
  • With PAPR adapter

Respiratory Protection for Professional Welding.

  • Highest safety class (TH3)
  • Protects reliably from smoke, aerosols, and dust
  • Integrated, automatic air flow control
  • Expendable with mountain breeze odor filter

Reliable Protection against Smoke, Aerosols, and Dust.

The e3000 PAPR System.

optrel products offer highest quality and performance levels to protect welders and grinders.

With the e3000 PAPR system you complement your optrel PAPR mask with a protection for your respiratory system, which makes no compromises in matters of safety, health and comfort.

Bring light into the darkness.

Up to 4 times lighter view in light state and in grind mode. A real world record! optrel redefines the viewing experience for welders. Discover the lightest ADF in the vegaview2.5.

Until now

This is how you see your surroundings today when performing tasks like job preparation, weld inspection, or grinding.


The vegaview2.5 opens up a whole new visual experience to you in light state. The much brighter view of your working environment increases both safety and efficiency in the workplace. 

Thanks to optrel’s latest optic technology, you can enjoy a detailed and true-colour view of the welding process at shade levels 8-12.

Easy to use – for professional work

NEW: The Fully Automated Welding Mask

automatically darkens as soon as the welding arc ignites. No manual shade level setting necessary. The optrel liteflip autopilot automatically adjusts to changing lighting.

The optrel liteflip autopilot

Super lightweight flip-up welding helmet with automatic shade level adjustment makes welding much more comfortable and easy.


  • Autopilot with shade level 1 / 4 / 5 to 14
  • True color view due to special developed UV-/IR-filter
  • Patented twilight function opens the ADF slowly from dark to light state
  • With only 530g weight one of the lightest flip-ups on the market
  • Perfectly combined with optrel e3000 PAPR System
  • Register your optrel product now and get 1 additional year of warranty free


Discover the optrel comfort features


The respiratory system for a maximum of safety

  • Integriated Particle Filter of the highest Safety Class (TH3)
  • Protects reliably from Smoke, Aerosols, and Dust


Find out more


e3000x Respiratory Protection System

For Maximum of Comfort at Welding:

  • Integriated Particle Filter of the highest Safety Class (TH3)
  • Protects reliably from Smoke, Aerosols, and Dust

Find out more

A classic with newest ADF technology.

The optrel p550 is one of the best-selling welding helmets from optrel. With its new ADF technology it now gets even better.


True Color View

The specially developed UV/IR filter allows a realistic perception of colors, at long last bringing color into the world of the welder.



New Energy Concept

With its radically more energy efficient electronic system including a „Super-Sleep-Mode“ the neo p550 stays ready to use for approximately 3,000 hours without changing batteries.

The welder‘s normal world:
environment in green shades with low contrast levels.


Color spectrum of a standard ADF:

The optrel revolution:
finally experience true color view during the whole welding process.


Color spectrum of the optrel neo p550 with true color view:

The weldcap RC 3/9-12

The weldcap® - an automatic welding cap, that combines the comforts of a leisure hat with the advantages of a full welding helmet. Predestined for users whose area of ​​responsibility includes not only welding but also other metalworking tasks. You are performing changing working steps where the welding protection must be quickly put on and taken off? Then you will be enthusiastic about our weldcap® line .

  • Shade level 3 / 9 to 12
  • 2.7 times the field of view of a standard industry welding helmet
  • super light and super comfortable
  • simply cool

The weldcap bump RCB 3/9-12

On demand of variuous professional welders: the weldcap® new with integriated bump cap according to EN812/A1. 

The revolutionary optrel weldcap® RC 3/9-12, that combines the comfort of a baseball cap with the advantages of an automated welding helmet (ADF), is now available in a new extended version: the optrel weldcap® bump RCB 3/9-12. 

Where at normal ADFs the head is only protected in parts, the weldcap® bump now offers a complete protection of the upper head part against painful strikes. Even more, the bump cap gives the weldcap an additional stability and a safety feeling like a full face helmet to the welder, without getting noticeably heavier. 

The easy to remove textile part is made from washable and non-flammable material. You can buy it separately, which means you can turn any existing weldcap® into a weldcap® bump and vice-versa.

Dr. Ramon Hofer Kraner – Head of R&D: „With the weldcap® bump we extended the scope of application of the weldcap® measurably. With the bump cap it's also fitting welders’ needs about higher safety standards“. 

The weldcap hard RCH 3/9-12

Compatible with standard hard hats. Mount the weldcap® hard with a minimum of efforts on your industrial helmet. The cap ’s design accommodates the use of ear muffs.