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The all new



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The light at the end of the tunnel.

The only common ground with conventional welding helmets is that it is still a welding helmet.


Sight gives you the freedom to do what you want. Switch from tunnel view to panoramic view. The new panoramaxx series takes you into a new dimension of sight and allows you to do things that seemed unimaginable in the past.

With the new panoramaxx series, optrel is keeping its promise to give welders a better working day. 

The focus is not on the problem, but on finding a solution – we have thrown all conventions overboard and redesigned the welding helmet from scratch. The new panoramaxx series combines the latest technology and best materials with the latest findings in work physiology and ergonomics.

The result is the new panoramaxx series – whose only common ground with conventional welding helmets is that it is still a welding helmet.

As multi-layered and complex as the joining technology is, welders' personal preferences with regard to health and safety equipment are just as varied. Instead of developing a welding helmet for all possible applications, which mean welders have to accept many compromises, the new panoramaxx series focuses on individuality.

optrel's new panoramaxx series comprises three models and is aimed at ambitious welding professionals who want to weld the best weld seam of their life every time. Maximum field of vision and the razor-sharp visual impression on the weld seam are prerequisites for welders to achieve their noble objective.

Closer. Further ahead.

A nose cutout changes everything.

Without a doubt, the nose is one of our most important organs and takes our senses into the fifth dimension. But when it comes to enlarging the welder's field of vision by positioning the anti-glare display, ergonomically optimal, closer to the eye, the nose gets in our way.

So we threw all conventions overboard and dared the technological chin-up to give the display a nose cutout. The result is impressive. More than 600% enlargement of the field of view without increasing the weight and shape of the welding helmet. The practical additional benefit is, due to the clear separation from the mouth area, you no longer breathe on the display and thus prevent the anti-glare window from tarnishing.

Our pragmatic approach is so new and innovative that several patents have been granted for it - and guarantees its uniqueness.

The optrel panoramaxx as a personal assistance system.

Complete equipment as standard.

In addition to the large field of vision and crystal-clear optics, which form an actual assistance system, all members of the panoramaxx series are equipped with the latest digital electronics. The patented Shadetronic and Fadetronic technologies in combination with the 5-point sensor system and the re-charge energy concept are the core elements.

They enable welders to focus on their work and allow them to work without interruption. This results in quality and efficiency. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the perfectly fitting optrel lsoFit® headband, the panoramaxx is light as a feather and fatigue-free. All panoramaxx welding helmets are highly robust at the lowest weight and protect users against external mechanical impacts such as high speed particles which hit the helmet at up to 120 m/s. And thanks to grinding mode, which can be easily operated externally, and the incomparable appearance, even grinding work is more fun.


The patented optrel ShadeTronic® technology automatically adjusts the protection level to the changing light conditions of the welding arc. This allows welders to work without interruption.

A sophisticated Shadetronic sensor continuously measures the light intensity of the welding arc and regulates the glare protection progressively from SN 4 to a maximum of SN 13 fully automatically.


With the patented optrel Fadetronic technology, the opening of the anti-glare display can be continuously adjusted after welding. The unpleasant afterglow is faded out – especially for high ampere applications. Eye fatigue is significantly reduced thanks to the display opening smoothly and being adapted to the eye.


The unique and environmentally-friendly optrel re-charge energy concept ensures that welding helmets always have enough energy. Thanks to the latest solar technology, a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery is recharged either by the welding light or by the ambient light. In addition, the battery can also be charged directly with any USB charger via a micro-USB interface. The tiresome changing of batteries is no longer necessary and the environment is protected.

5-point Detection

The optrel 5-point detection integrated in the panoramaxx series is an intelligent sensor control with five sensors. Sophisticated software and clever positioning of four sensors at the corners and one sensor in the upper centre ensures the glare shield is switched on and off perfectly, even in the most difficult lighting conditions and in constrained positions, as well as permanent dark level adjustment (Shadetronic®, patented) during welding.

Grinding mode

Like most optrel welding helmets, the products in the panoramaxx series have a grinding mode. It can be conveniently operated externally by means of a robust and well-protected pressure switch. Once activated, the anti-glare display remains deactivated, which guarantees trouble-free grinding work. At the touch of another button, the glare shield is then immediately ready for welding work. Your optrel welding helmet becomes a true multifunctional work safety device.

panoramaxx clt




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