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Innovation at optrel

How high targets drive us

Continuous development and new ideas, always focused on making people's work and lives easier and, above all, safer, are what pushes optrel. Since the invention of the automatic anti-glare filter over 30 years ago, innovation has been at the core of our business. 

Johnny Heusser, Head of Research and Development at optrel tec ag, talks about the handling and importance of research and development at the technology leader optrel in the adjacent video.



Breathing protection system

With the new optrel e3000X with TH3 particle filter of the highest security level, 99.8% of the harmful particles are filtered out of the air. A must for anyone who has to work in slightly or heavily polluted environments..

  • Breathing respiratory protection of the highest safety class(TH3)
  • Reliably protects against smoke, aerosol and dust
  • Automatic air flow control and adjustment