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This is how optrel protects your eyes

optrel is working on the evolution of the perfect eye protection for several fields of application. As a leader in technology we developed numerous innovations like the ADF with true color view, welding helmets with light state shade level 2.5 or the first autopilot for welders.Discover, how optrel is making its users work as easy and comfortable as possible.


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The respiratory system for a maximum of safety

  • Integriated Particle Filter of the highest Safety Class (TH3)
  • Protects reliably from Smoke, Aerosols, and Dust


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High-Level Protection for Welders

Welcome to optrel, the Swiss inventors of auto darkening filters (ADF) for welders. Millions of welders across the globe trust in optrel- created eye protection. Our products provide safety, comfort and efficiency during the welding process. A Swiss- made optrel mask guarantees highest comfort whilst offering optimal protection.

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About optrel

The technology company optrel AG is a leading supplier of active eye protection products (ADF), which are broadly used in welding helmets, medical protection glasses, focussing on safety, health and efficiency of its users.

Since developing the automatic welding helmet (ADF) optrel is working on systems for eye protection and respiratory protection for private and professional welders. Also optrel offers eye protection for grinding, cutting, and medical purposes like IPL (Intense Pulse Light for hair removal).



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